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FAQ 常見問答

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  •   How can I contact MPF?


    Phone: (302)831-3149

  •   What is the cost for MPF?

    ​Please read the festival brochure as well as the Student Handbook. 

  •   What does the tuition cover?

    Please visit the "Cost" page under MPF.

  •   I am not a music major, can I apply?

    ​Yes, we are open to all musicians aged 10 and up. Please send an audition video and fill out a simple online application form.

  •   Is MPF safe for minors?

    MPF will have staff members monitoring all minor participants 24/7 during the festival. Our first class dormitory accommodations are selected based on safety and comfort.

  •   Can I accompany my young child to MPF?

    Yes. The cost is the same and you would have your own activities arranged by MPF. 

  •   What is the daily schedule?

    Please visit our website in mid July for the finalized daily schedule of  MPF​ master classes, rehearsals, competitions,  concerts and special events.

  •   How do I apply?

    ​Please visit the "APPLY" ​page and click "Forms". 

  •   What music should I record for the audition video?

    Please visit the "APPLY" page and click "Audition".​

  •   How do I pay for the application fee?

    On the last page of the online application form, you will find the payment information. You can use a major credit card or wire the application fee.

  •   Would I get a notice for my application fee payment status?

    No, MPF will only contact you after you are accepted or rejected. (Your application form will not finish until the application fee is paid in full.)​

  •   After I am accepted, what's next?

    Pay your tuition, apply for a U.S. visa if needed, and book your travel before registering for the festival. Read the MPF Student Handbook. We will send you all you need to do via email. (It will be set to the email address you provided on the applicaiton form.)​

  •   How do I pay for my MPF tuition?

    Tuition can be paid via check or wire transfer. All information is listed in the official acceptance email sent to you after you finish applying and are accepted. ​

  •   As an international participant, what type of visa should I apply for?

    ​We will contact you via email with all the information you will need to apply for a B2 visa for entering the U.S.

  •   How do I apply for MPF assistantships? (TA/RA positions)

    You must be an English speaking person or someone who is full time studying in the U.S. aged 18 and up. Please indicate your interest while applying and we will interview you for the competitive positions. 

  •   What type of solo music should I prepare? How long should the music be? (I know that I am required to email the PDF piano score of my solo piece).

    You current teacher can help you to choose a solo piece under 15 minutes that you can use to compete with or to perform in public. Not everyone will solo perform during MPF, but we would like to get your piano score by July 1 as a PDF. MPF will also send you chamber, world and orchestra music parts for you to prepare by early June. 

  •   Can I rent a cello or bass?

    MPF will provide free of charge cello and bass to participants (security deposit required). Please bring a set of extra strings, bow and rosin. We will also rent harps to students at a discounted price. 

  •   What is the best way to travel from and to the nearby airport?

    We recommend you to use the PHL airport (Philadelphia, 35 minutes away from campus by car) and use Delaware Express for airport transportation (​. BWI (Baltimore) airport is another option and about 60 minutes travel time by car. 

  •   Does MPF have information sessions for international applicants?

    We will contact you with the final schedule of MPF information sessions held in your country/region.

  •   What should I do with my food allergies and limitations?

    ​Please list all of your food allergies and food limitations on the registration form. 

  •   Who would I take lessons from? Can I study with all the faculty?

    MPF will assign faculty members to teach during their available time slots. We try to have participants learn from as many faculty members as possible during lessons, master classes, chamber music coachings and other MPF activities. 

  •   What else do I need to prepare before MPF?

    Please read all web pages under "Registration". Please read the "packing tip for domestic students". 

  •   Where is Mitchell Hall?

    Directions & Parking information can be found under the visit menu on the home page, or click here.

  •   Where are the CFA and AED buildings located?

    ​​Directions & Parking information can be found under the visit menu on the home page, or click here.

    Gore RECITAL Hall is inside of CFA. (NOTE: Gore Hall is different academic building on campus!)

  •   Is Master Players Handicap accessible?

    ​Yes, call Laura Kerst at 302-831-0039 for details.

  •   What is the closest parking lot to Gore Recital Hall and Puglisi Orchestra Hall?

    ​The CFA parking garage. Directions can be found under the visit menu, or click here.

  •   What are the closest restaurants and cafes?

    There is a list of recommended places under the menu in the dining option, or click here.








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FAQ 常見問答
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