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MP Strategic Plan 2016-2018 (Oct 2016)

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Master Players Concert Series brings national and international world-class musicians and performing artists to the University of Delaware and the surrounding communities. Master Players helps the University fulfill its five guiding principles of Delaware First, Diversity, Partnership, Engagement, and Impact. 

Goals and Actions

1. To enrich the University and community through providing:

  • A spectrum of culturally diverse world-class live music performances. 
  • A series of community outreach concerts and educational activities for the tri-state region.​

2. To provide affordable live musical experiences.

  • By maintaining affordable ticket prices, managing costs of programming and operations. 
  • Through sponsorships for ticketing, especially opportunities for those families with limited financial means. 
  • By seeking support appropriate to the MPCS and its potential growth.

3. To collaboration, thereby enriching scholarship and research, promote creativity and inspire the imaginations of non-musician artists and creative students, assisting them to be fully self- expressive.

  • Pursue creative and non-traditional partnering with other UD academic departments, colleges and units.

  • Through highlighting arts and cultures of contemporary and past societies, provide audiences an opportunity to explore cultures other than their own. 

4​. To recruit talented undergraduate and graduate music and non-major students to the University, and be attractive to potential faculty and staff.

  • Partner with the Department of Music and other academic units to recruit talented undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Expand in-school and summer institute programs to attract talented undergraduate and graduate music students, such as the Master Players Festival & School (MPF).

5. To encourage financial investment in the University’s future:

  • MPCS will serve as the cultural ambassador for UD with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Leverage the UD/MPCS brand by supporting the UD’s image of excellence. 

MPCS​ Strategic Plan​ 2016-2018​

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MP Strategic Plan 2016-2018 (Oct 2016)
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