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Little Masters Project

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Violin teacher and student

About the Little Masters Project - Values and Purpose

The Little Masters Project (LMP) is a brand-new community outreach project designed by Master Players artistic director and international concert violinist and producer Xiang Gao to benefit the children of under-served communities in the tri-state region. With the increasing crime rate in the city of Wilmington and other neighboring communities reported by the state government and public resources, LMP is designed to protect, inspire and empower the children who live in these communities. LMP will offer these children free instruments and free private music lessons during afterschool hours to challenge them, develop their self-esteem and show them the reward and beauty of playing a musical instrument. LMP will also inspire young students by providing them a once-in-a-lifetime performance opportunity to share the stage with world-class musicians, and will empower them by using their own music to change other people’s lives at the venues of Master Players community partners. These partners may include (but are not limited to) retirement homes, medical facilities, community centers, schools and libraries. 

Master Players values the incomparable power of live music to illuminate, transform and heal, and treasures the positive impact that music, the universal language of our planet, has on people of all walks of life. Because we believe experiencing live music is essential for children of all backgrounds to thrive, we have an uncompromising commitment to bringing music to the next generation of Americans, including children with special needs and from less fortunate families in our local community. As an unconventional music presenter that always puts the audience first, Master Players proudly creates a stage to encourage interdisciplinary collaborations, to enable creativity, and to inspire the imaginations of non-musician artists and creative students to be fully self-expressive. By featuring future performers, Master Players keeps the work of musicians and presenters vital and ensures the continuity of music making.

For more information about how to support LMP, contact us at

Little Masters Project opens to the public!

​Following a successful pilot program in the fall of 2017, the Little Masters Project opened its doors to the public for spring 2018.

LMP aims to empower and support the musical growth of underserved students. Master Players believes that music can change lives and by fostering a student's creative talents, they become a more well rounded individual. Instruments will be provided to students at no cost to them. All instruments will be given to students in good playing condition. Students will also be provided with all necessary accessories for the instruments. The instruments will be given to the students to keep upon successful completion of the program.

Click here to apply!

To apply: print the application linked above, fill it out, and submit it via e-mail to, fax to 866-694-9651, or mail to:

Melissa Kitchen

Amy E. du Pont Music Bldg, Room 209

Newark, DE 19716

*LMP is only available to students of families with financial challenges to afford weekly private lessons.

Upon entering the program, new students will be given weekly lessons for twelve weeks during Sunday afternoons at the University of Delaware. Families must provide transportation to and from the University. Alternative transportation options are being considered pending need. In order to qualify for the program, families must provide evidence of financial need based on household income.

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