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About Shanghai Sonatas

Shanghai Sonatas - Liberation

​Song, "Liberation", as the American and Chinese armies liberate Shanghai from the occupying Japanese Army

Entering its fourth year of creative process, Shanghai Sonatas is a new musical that shares memoirs of Jewish classical musicians who escaped Nazi Germany and found refuge in Shanghai in the 1930s, and the Chinese who welcomed the immigrants to Shanghai. These refugees used music, the universal language, to help them survive the war in a strange new place; they also connected with their new neighbors through music and educated the first generation of Chinese classical musicians. 

The musical depicts a historical moment of diversity, equity, inclusion, tolerance, and cultural exchange. People with different cultural backgrounds find unity through powerful stories and songs as well as live instrumental music in classical, jazz, traditional Chinese, and Jewish music genres.

Concept and Music by Xiang “Sean” Gao 

Book by Alan Goodson 

Lyrics by Joyce Hill Stoner

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Shanghai Sonatas Brochure

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