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Webinar Tips

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How to get the best experience during Backstage Pass Online

Please use the password you received in your registration confirmation email to log in to this event.

Since audio and video quality will depend on your own wifi download speed:

  • Try to use your computer instead of a smartphone for better audio & video quality. 

  • Try to be as close to your router as possible for the strongest wifi signal.

  • Test your internet speed to make sure you have the speed you are paying your internet provider for. (Visit to test your internet speed.)

  • If wifi is very slow, turn off your router for at least ten seconds and then restart your router and test again. This will refresh your router connection.

  • Wifi has speed limitations based on your device. You may wish to use an ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to your router if possible for the fastest and most consistent speed. 

Other tips to improve your experience:

  • Have your computer or smart device fully charged prior to the event.
  • Turn off other noise making programs (email, notifications, reminders, etc.).
  • Please sign in as close to 3 P.M. as possible since this is only a 55 min presentation without intermission.
  • Bring your favorite drink and some good questions to the event and enjoy!

During the event:

  • We will protect minors by having all audiences/attendees muted. 
  • Audience members will not have video capabilities. Only hosts are viewable. 
  • During Q&A time, all questions will be received and managed by our co-host of the event who will ask the speaker the questions from the audience. S/he will also manage answers.

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Webinar Tips
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Webinar Tips
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