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Webinar 1: “The Mountains Are Calling, Again” - a musical journey with Xiang Gao

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PAST EVENT: Saturday, April 25, 2020

Xiang Gao plays the violin in Utah

Thanks to all our patrons who virtually attended our first webinar! For those of you who were unable to join us, you can view a recording of the full event here:


Or watch your favorite piece:

1. It Ain’t Necessarily So (Zoom performance 4/25/20)

2. Enchanted Evening (Zoom performance 4/25/20)

3.  Sedona Vivaldi (Zoom performance 4/25/20)  

4. The Mirror — Guilin, China (Zoom performance 4/25/20)   

5. Glory Arches (Zoom performance 4/25/20) 

Original event description:

BPO’s inaugural webinar this weekend will feature musical performances and conversations with Master Players Founding Director Xiang Gao, who will share his plan for the future online concerts Master Players is developing, and the audio and video technology we will be utilizing for our multimedia productions on stage and screen.

A Q&A will be held in between each short performance. During this musical journey to some of the most beautiful places on our planet, Professor Gao will perform his own arrangements and compositions, as well as masterpieces by Dvořák, Gershwin, Fauré, and Vivaldi, among others.

Click here to learn more about future BPO events!

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Webinar 1: “The Mountains Are Calling, Again” - a musical journey with Xiang Gao
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