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FAQ 常見問答

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  •   What is the cost for MPF? 此次的音樂節的費用是多少?

    ​Please read the festival brochure as well as the Student Handbook. 音樂節的費用都在宣傳冊上,請仔細閱讀。 请學員,家長及觀摩者仔細閱讀學生手冊。​

  •   What does the tuition cover? 音樂節及美國音樂之旅的的費用包含什麼?

    Please visit the "Cost" page under MPF. 請見官網的"Cost費用"網頁。( 不包含參與者中美往返機票及簽證費用。 )MPF提供的基本的健康保險額度較低,我們建議參與者自己購買保險金額高的旅行及健康保險。具体信息请仔细阅读学生手册。​​

  •   I am not a music major, can I apply? 我不是專業學習音樂的(非音樂學院),我還能報名嗎?

    ​Yes, we are open to all musicians aged 10 and up. Please send an audition video and fill out a simple online application form. 可以,只要上傳錄像,完成報名,你就有機會參加我們的音樂節

  •   Is MPF safe for minors? MPF音樂節及美國音樂之旅安全嗎?

    MPF will have staff members monitoring all minor participantes 24/7 during the festival and AMJ. Our first class dorm rooms and 3-4 star hotels are selected based on safety and comfort. 音樂節的全部行程都將有音樂節人員陪同或監督,學生將全程住在帶有宿舍管理員的大學酒店式學生宿舍,美國音樂之旅全程集體在3-4星酒店。學生的安全是MPF的重中之重。​

  •   我可否觀摩音樂節?如果可以,我的行程是怎麼安排的?費用是多少?住宿如何安排?


  •   Can I accompany my young child to MPF? 我的孩子還不夠18歲,我可否陪同一起參加音樂節?如果可以,我的行程是怎麼安排的,費用是多少?住宿如何安排?

    Yes. The cost is the same and you would have your own activities arranged by MPF. 費用與學員同樣,住宿條件為您與您的孩子安排同住一間雙人間並與另外兩位共用洗手間。如果需要單人間MPF將另外收取費用(見宣傳冊)。音樂節期間陪同家長每天除了參加音樂節的活動以外,還將參加MPF為您精心安排的家長參觀/講座/購物等活動。美國音樂之旅的行程與學員一樣。

  •   What is the daily schedule? 到了美國以後的行程安排是怎麼樣的?

    Please visit our website in mid July for the finalized daily schedule of  MPF​ master classes, rehearsals, competitions,  concerts and special events. 請於7月中關注我們的網站,您屆時將能找到終結版的音樂節課程, 音樂會及觀摩活動安排和美國音樂之旅的每天行程安排。​

  •   How do I apply? 我怎麼報名呢?

    ​Please visit the "APPLY" ​page and click "Forms". 在我們的宣傳冊最後有鏈接,您可以找到所有信息,包括我們的在線報名表

  •   What music should I record for the audition video?我報名時應該準備什麼樣的曲目呢?

    Please visit the "APPLY" page and click "Audition". 在我們的在線報名表上您可以找到我們對曲目的具體要求:兩首風格不同的曲目,總時常不少於15分鐘,有無鋼琴伴奏皆可,直接上傳至youku在報名表上提供鏈接即可。具體信息以報名表為準。再有對於具體曲目問題,可以聯繫音樂節。

  •   How do I pay for the application fee? 我該怎麼支付報名費?

    On the last page of the online application form, you will find the payment information (you can use a major credit card or wire the application fee.) 通過電匯的方式。您可以在報名表的最後一頁找到具體電匯需要信息。在電匯之後,請掃描並上傳電匯的確認單(電匯所填表格,以及銀行的確認單)。美國各大銀行將收取$15美金國際匯款費用。

  •   Would I get a notice for my application fee payment status? 報名之後,尤其是我在寄出報名費以後,在MPF收到我的電匯款以後,我會收到什麼確認信息嗎?

    No, MPF will only contact you after you are accepted or rejected. (Your application form will not finish until the appplication fee is paid in full) 不會。如果您上傳了匯款單,但我們沒收到匯款,我們將及時通知您

  •   After I am accepted, what's next? 在我被錄取以後接下來我應該做什麼?

    Pay your tuition, apply for a U.S. visa if needed, and book your travel before registering for the festival. Read the MPF Student Handbook. We will send you all you need to do via email. (It will be set to the email address you provided on the applicaiton form) 用MPF官方錄取通知書/邀請函申請旅遊簽證,531前填寫註冊表格並且支付學費及旅行費用,及盡快訂購機票。

  •   How do I pay for my MPF tuition? 我怎麼支付學費及美國音樂之旅費用?可否一次性付清全部費用?

    Please wire transfer or send a check. All information is listed in the official acceptance email sent to you after you finish applying and are accepted. 請電匯到註冊表格裏著名的帳戶, 所有學員及觀摩者(包括陪同家長)必須51日前一次性付清全款,以便音樂節做好準備安排工作。

  •   As an international participant, what type of visa should I apply for? 我應該申請什麼簽證,需要準備什麼材料呢?

    ​We will contact you via email with all the information you will need to apply for a B2 visa for entering the U.S.. MPF在錄取您之後會通過電子郵件發出官方邀請函,請帶著邀請函以及其它簽證所需材料(護照,資金證明等,具體請參照美國大使館簽證要求)如您需要具體的簽證咨詢,請聯繫簽證咨詢公司如圖牛,新東方等。注:咨詢公司將收取相應的咨詢費。​

  •   How do I apply for MPF assistantships? (TA/RA positions) 我要如何申請宿舍管理員的獎學金職位?

    You must be an English speaking person or someone who is full time studying in the U.S. aged 18 and up. Please indicate your interest while applying and we will interview you for the competitive positions. 因為對語言的要求以及根據特拉華州法律,宿舍管理員只能由美國籍或美國在校生擔任。

  •   What type of solo music should I prepare? How long should the music be? (I know that I am required to email the PDF piano score of my solo piece) 我已經被錄取,網上說需要我寄出我獨奏的曲目伴奏譜給MPF,我應該準備什麼獨奏曲目,每個人都有獨奏的機會嗎?還是老師指定?應該選擇什麼樣的曲子?曲子應該多長?

    You current teacher can help you to choose a solo piece under 15 minutes that you can use to compete with or to perform in public. Not everyone will solo perform during MPF, but we would like to get your piano score by July 1 as a PDF. MPF will also send you chamber, world and orchestra music parts for you to prepare by early June. 請學員的指導老師指定學員7月底學習的獨奏曲目。不是每個人都有獨奏演出的機會。 請於7月1日前把您的指導老師認為你七月底可以上大師班的或表演的一首獨奏作品伴奏譜掃描發給MPF。MPF也將於7月1日前 把音樂節指定所有學員準備的室內樂作品的分譜掃描發給您。​​​

  •   Can I rent a cello or bass? 我可否在音樂節租一把大提琴或貝斯?費用是多少?

    MPF will provide free of charge cello and bass to participants. Please bring a set of extra strings, bow and rosin. We will also rent harps to students at a discounted price. MPF免費提供大提琴,和贝斯使用。MPF指定的赞助商Bromberg 琴行將收取每人200美金訂金,MPF結束時樂器如果無損壞將全款退回。琴弓及備用琴弦請自備。竖琴将需要付费使用租用竖琴。

  •   How do I join the American Musical Journey group? MPF會安排美國音樂之旅的接機嗎?

    If you are participating the American Musical Journey (designed for international participants who have not been to the east coast of the U.S.), MPF will provide airport transportation. Otherwise, you will travel to campus on your own. Please read the Studen​t Handbook under "Registration" for the most up to date information. 所有參加美國音樂之旅的國際學生MPF會安排接機,在旅行結束後會安排統一送達同樣機場(MPF具體建議的航班請見註冊页,并仔细阅读)​

  •   As a participant of AMJ, what flight should I take? 我要參加美國音樂之旅,航班應該買哪一班能確保MPF接到/送我?

    Please visit ​"Flights" under "Registration" for the most up to date suggested flights. 請關注 “註冊” 業之 “建議航班”。

  •   What if I cannot book the flights to arrive/depart on time for AMJ? 如果我沒能訂到或者不希望訂MPF建議航班怎麼辦?​

    You can arrive a day earlier and stay at the airport hotel at your own cost for one night, and then join the airport pick up staff next day. After AMJ, you can also stay at the airport hotel one night for the flight next day on your own. 美國音樂之旅前可以提前一天​到達國際機場,自費在機場內酒店住一晚,第二天再與MPF接機人員見面。美國音樂之旅后可以自費在國際機場內酒店住一晚,第二天做酒店班車登機。


  •   What is the best way to travel from and to the nearby airport? 如果我不參加美國音樂之旅,有MPF接機安排嗎?

    We recommend you to use the PHL airport (Philadelphia, 35 minutes away from campus by car) and use Delaware Express for airport transportation (​. BWI (Baltimore) airport is another option and 30 minutes more travel time by car. 您将自行安排机场接送,MPF樂意提供幫助和建議。請仔细阅读MPF具體建議的航班及機場交通信息。特拉華特快機場接送服務是我們的首選Delaware Express (

  •   I am not joining AMJ, what flights should I book? 如果我不參加美國音樂之旅,應該買哪一班航班呢?

    Please carefully read the "Student Handbook" under "Registration" for the most up to date information and suggestions. 請仔细阅读MPF學生手冊

  •   Does MPF have information sessions for international applicants?

    We will contact you with the final schedule of MPF information sessions held in your country/region.

  •   What should I do with my food allergies and limitations? 我對花生及其他食品過敏,需要我告知MPF嗎?

    ​Please list all of your food allergies and food limitations on the registration form. 您有任何食物過敏或有任何健康問題需要特殊關照,請在MPF註冊表格上填寫清楚。

  •   Who would I take lessons from? Can I study with all the faculty? 我有指定的MPF教授嗎?還是我可以跟所有老師都學習?

    MPF will assign faculty members to teach during their available time slots. We plan to have all participant learn from  all faculty members during lessons, master classes, chamber music coaching and/or other MPF activities. MPF指導教授/大師班及室內樂輔導課的每日課表將於7月中通知學員。每個學員都有一對一專業課,參加/旁聽大師班及室內樂輔導的機會。

  •   What else do I need to prepare before MPF? 我在臨走前還需要準備些什麼?

    Please read all web pages under "Registration". Please read the "packing tip for domestic students". 學員必須仔細閱讀"MPF學生手冊"各項條款。 家長及觀摩者也需要仔細閱讀“MPF學生手冊

  •   Where is Mitchell Hall?

    Directions & Parking information can be found under the visit menu on the home page, or click here.

  •   Where are the CFA and AED buildings located?

    ​​Directions & Parking information can be found under the visit menu on the home page, or click here.

    Gore RECITAL Hall is inside of CFA. (NOTE: Gore Hall is another acedemic building on campus!)

  •   Is Master Players Handicap accessible?

    ​Yes, call Laura Kerst at 302-831-0039 for details.


    ​The CFA parking garage. Directions can be found under the visit menu, or click here.


    The Visitor’s Lot on South College Avenue.


    There is a list of recommended places under the menu in the dining option, or click here.

  •   電匯是否用報名時的同一個賬戶?同樣的上傳電匯確認單?


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