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Guardian 家長或监护人

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MPF welcomes parents and guardians to accompany the participants of the festival and its Little Masters Camp ​(under 14 by 7/25/2017 with musical background) as observers​, and join us on the American Musical Journey trip. We will make all accommodations for their visit. If a visa is required, please start applying for a passport which should not expire before February 8, 2018.

Students under 14 by July 25, 2017 who will use the housing provided by MPF must be accompanied by their parent in their dorm room​.

All participants accepted by MPF will be announced on our website in early March, 2017. We will send parents/guardians an official invitation letter after the 30% of fee is paid in full.


如果您作為學員或營員被錄取, 您的老師或家長有意陪同您來美國, 他/她將需要申請簽證。 請他/她儘早開始申請因私普通護照, 或確保護照失效日晚於2018年2月8日。我們將在3月初公布入選名單後聯繫您並在收到費用總額的30%後為您和他/她發出正式邀請函。

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Guardian 家長老師
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Guardian 家長或监护人
  • Master Players Concert Series
  • 100 Orchard Road
  • Department of Music
  • University of Delaware
  • Newark, DE 19716, USA
  • Phone: 302-831-3149