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Art and Design 美术与设计营

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The art and design branch of MPF is an intensive 12-day international summer visual art festival featuring innovative and unique exhibitions and one-on-one training for emerging artists ages 14 and up*.  MPF offers an interdisciplinary education and competitions as the young artists will compete to win the opportunity to collaborate with leading professional musicians and concert producers under the direction of MPF faculty artists to create stage set design, multimedia visual effects and graphic communication design for large concert events. ​Participants learn from our world-renowned faculty through specially designed workshops in a variety of media including: Digital, Animation, Illustration, Printmaking, Painting, Sculpture, Photo and Video. 

入选的美术与设计学员将在特拉华大学美术系教学主楼与美国知名的视觉艺术家及美国名校的艺术家教授学习和参与多种视觉艺术的创作。它们包括了数字图像处理, 动画, 绘画, 印制, 雕塑, 摄影及摄像等。学员们还将参观艺术家的展览,并创作及参加音乐节举办的创作比赛和获奖者作品展览。音乐节的跨界美术设计教育还为学员们提供与著名音乐家合作的机会——为大型音乐会创作舞台及平面设计。​

MPF Offerings

​Participants will be given the opportunity to study with renowned professional artists, see their artwork in person, and even collaborate on original artworks for an exhibition at the festival. They will participate in competitions, receive an interdisciplinary and unique education that promotes collaboration with professional musicians to design the concert stage, and visual communication art related to musical events. Participants will also be able to network with many leading professors teaching at major art institutions.


Sample Daily Schedule:

​7:45-8:45am Breakfast

9am-noon Morning Sessions

1. Small group project sessions & workshops led by faculty artists. Hands-on demonstration with materials, techniques and process. One-on-one guidance with project development.

2. Small group critiques led by faculty artists (share ideas, impressions and constructive criticism)

noon-1:30  lunch/network

2:00-5:00pm  Afternoon Sessions

1. Small group project sessions & workshops led by faculty artists. Hands-on demonstration with materials, techniques and process. One-on-one guidance.

2. Large group critiques led by faculty artists. Discuss potential collaborative project building among groups.

5:00-6:30pm  dinner/network

6:00-9:00pm  Open studio time, attending MPF concerts and social activities



7:45am-8:45am 早餐


  1. 由一组教授艺术家带领的小组设计工作坊及研讨会: 材料选择与使用,制作手法及技术,处理过程的实践演示;一对一项目指导
  2. 由教授艺术家带领的小组项目点评会(分享创作成果,理念,感受和建设性评判) 



  1. 由另一组教授艺术家带领的不同制作手法的小组设计工作坊及研讨会: 材料选择与使用,制作手法及技术,处理过程的实践演示;一对一项目指导
  2. 由教授艺术家带领的集体项目点评会(分享创作成果,理念,感受和建设性评判;探讨分析制作小组间及与音乐会潜在的合作项目建设) 

​5:30-7 晚餐/社交


  1. 自由创作时段
  2. 参加MPF艺术家展览,参加音乐会并了解舞台, (演奏家来自纽约大都会歌剧院、费城交响乐团、巴尔的摩交响乐团、美国国家交响乐团、底特律交响乐团的指挥、首席或演奏家,以及皮博迪音乐学院、英国皇家音乐学院、特拉华大学、马里兰大学的教授)
  3. 社交活动 (体验美国社交文化,与不同营的教授、学员、作曲家、演奏家学术互动, 免税购物等)  



To be considered for acceptance to the program please submit the following materials:

     -5 images of recent work.

     -Each image should not exceed 1200 pixels in any dimension and 72 pixels per inch in resolution.

     -A document listing the title, medium, dimensions, and date of completion of each image.

     -Short artist’s statement in 500 words or less. 

     -All submissions should be in the form of a pdf.

To see sample portfolio pdf click here




1.    申请者需完成网上英文报名表



2.    报名同时需提交一份包含下列所有要求的PDF艺术作品合成文档(文件总大小不能超过5MB)

  • 五幅近期作品的照片

  • 每张照片像素不得超过1200pixels,不限大小尺寸,且每英寸不能超过72pixels像素

  • 一份文档:内容需详细列出每个作品(每张照片)的标题;制作手法;尺寸和完成日期

  • 一篇艺术家自我介绍及创作背景陈述(300字以内)

申请范文请点击: To see sample portfolio pdf click here


MPF Art & Design Facility
Selected art works by MPF faculty artists
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Art and Design 美术与设计
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Art and Design 美术与设计营
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