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Performing Arts Administration Division

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Under the direction of international performing arts producer Xiang Gao, the Performing Arts Administration (PAA) Division will provide college students with professional training and hands-on experience in concert production, artist management, marketing, public relations, financial management, event planning, grant writing, and more.

PAA participants will work with leading faculty from the University of Delaware's Music Management Program and Lerner College of Business and Economics as well as New York University's world-renowned Performing Arts Administration Program.

Students will spend their time engaging in daily lectures, team projects, and round table discussions. They will also prepare a final presentation, which will be presented to all festival attendees, faculty artists, and audience members. Additionally, PAA participants will gain valuable networking opportunities with prominent performing artists and administrators of prestigious organizations.

To apply, please submit a 300-word essay on why you are interested in the field and a resume on your experience (if any) in performing arts, business administration, and/or music management. 

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Performing Arts Administration
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Performing Arts Administration Division
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