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Audition 考試

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Online Audition Requirements

(For MPF and Little Masters camp applicants)

Your audition video should be recorded within the past 3 months prior to submission and be of good sound quality.

Please ONLY upload to a YouTube or Tencent channel. No other online video platform will be accepted.

It can be any selection (one movement or one piece) from standard repertoire for your instrument, with or without piano accompaniment. The minimum length is 5 minutes and the video file must be labeled with your name, your instrument, and the work performed.

Professional video recording is not necessary. In fact, the use of a 2010 or newer model iPhone or similar smart device is acceptable.

Please skip long rests as no more than 15 seconds of silence is permitted; however, no pausing of recording or editing of any kind is permitted.

Memorization of the recorded works is highly encouraged but not mandatory.

YouTube Upload Instruction/文件上傳須知




注意:MPF只接受騰訊視頻或YouTube視頻 文件

內容必須包含1首曲目(例如: 一首標準協奏曲的第一樂章, 或者一首独奏作品)。曲目應從您樂器的標準曲目中選擇, 並能夠代表您各方面的最高演奏水準。錄影裡鋼琴伴奏有無皆可。錄影不應少於五分鐘。除去下面表格要求提供的面試錄影曲目以外, 申請人上傳的錄影文件本身必須用拼音標注申請人姓名, 用英文標注演奏的樂器, 以及曲目(如果您是拉小提琴的王明, 錄製了莫扎特第4小提琴協奏曲第一樂章,請將上傳的錄影文件命名為:Ming Wang, Violin, Mozart Violin Concerto #4, I. Allergro)。



全部考試內容應一次性錄完, 任何暫停或剪輯都是不允許的。


YouTube Upload Instruction/文件上傳須知 ​

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Audition 考試
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Audition 考試
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