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MPF Application Schedule 

All applicants can apply by the application deadline date: March 15, 2017.  

Extended application deadline: March 31, 2017.

As a public institution, UD offers its own students, Delawareans and local residents (living within 50 miles of Delaware border) a 50% discount on the application fee ($50 instead of $100). 

March 31

Deadline for submission of audition video (YouTube or Tencent link ONLY), online application form, and $100 non-refundable application fee​ (online payment or by check). ($120 if wired)

Late application accepted by March 28 with a $150 non-refundable late application fee(online payment or by check)​ ($170 if wired)​

April 5Accepted participants, pre-formed chamber groups & RA/GA position recipients announced on MPF website 30% tuition due on March 25
April 15 
Visa applicaiton/acceptance letters sent via email after 30% tuition payment received
May 1remaining tuition due 
May 1

Online Registration due

MPF chamber/orchestral/jazz music and competition repertoire will be sent electronically to registered participants to prepare for MPF coaching, master class, competition and concerts

June 15 Participant's solo repertoire piano score scanned as PDF sent to festival staff accompanist
July 21

American Musical Journey participants arrive New York's JFK airport by 3:00pm local time

July 25                                                                                

All MPF participants arrive at University of Delaware campus by 3:00pm local time ​​

To apply for RA/GA positions, you must be a native English speaker or currently a full time student of a U.S. college or graduate school, please send an interest letter and resume to


3月31日​申請截止日: 在此日前上傳考試錄影(MPF只接受YouTube或騰訊視頻鏈接​), 完成網上報名表, 並缴納$120美元報名費(不可退款)迟到报名者可以在2月28日前完成报名并交纳$170美元迟到報名費(不可退款)
​4月15日-4月25日​MPF官方邀請函在音樂節收到所有費用後通過電子郵件(PDF格式)寄出MPF 極力建議入选的學生(和隨行家長/老師)預訂國際航班機票以確保旺季座位​極力建議入選者(和隨行家長/老師)及時辦理赴美簽證
​5月1 日 ​​ ​​MPF將寄給所有入選者指定室內樂/樂隊/比赛/爵士音樂學習曲目, 入选者需自行練習, 為大師班,比赛和音樂會做準備
​7月25日                                                          全部學員,觀摩者及家長當地下午3點前抵達校園

為幫助您成功的申請​音樂節及簽證, 並順利抵達MPF, 音樂節建議您使用我們培訓并合作過的招生, 報名及簽證服務獨立合作方


大中国华语区---孙博士: 86-13811961035微信名13811961035

獨立合作方/旅行社與藍資源或音樂節相互支持關係, 沒有法律或業務關係。用英語與音樂節的聯繫方式是

如果您被錄取, 您的老師或家長有意陪同您來美國觀摩音樂節及參加"美國音樂之旅", /她可能需要申請簽證。 請他/她儘早開始申請因私普通護照, 或確保護照失效日晚於20182月8日。我們將在4月公布入選名單後聯繫您並為您和他/她發出正式邀請函。

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Apply 申請
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Apply 申請
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